Additional Technical Guidance
  • 18 Jul 2024
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Additional Technical Guidance

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The WFP Technical Requirements provide a comprehensive guide for manufacturers to understand WFP's expectations for quality, safety, and process control in the production of food commodities, supplementary to the WFP Commodity Specifications. These requirements serve as a reference document for audit purposes and technical assessments, and adherence to them is crucial to ensure compliance with WFP's quality and safety standards. Failure to comply with the WFP Technical Requirements may result in critical, major, or minor observations, and/or suspension of the supplier. This underscores the importance of thoroughly reviewing, understanding, and implementing these requirements to avoid non-compliance and strive for continuous improvement.

Commodity Technical Expectations

- Canned Food

- Maize Meal

- Roasted Grain Flours

- Vegetable Oils

- Wheat Flour

- Super Cereal / Super Cereal Plus

- Date Bars - Technical Expectations (Draft)

- Fortified Biscuits (Draft)

Packaging Technical Expectations

- PP Woven Bag Manufacturers

- Food Suppliers using PP Woven Bags

- LNS Packaging

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